Orb Composer

 A smarter way to compose music.

The first AI for Composers.


An intuitive way to compose music.

Get into smart composition with Orb Composer, embedding the most powerful AI for music composition ever created.

Orb translates abstract ideas, intentions and emotions into chords, instrument choices, harmonies, melodies, dynamics, notes and much more.

Designed by Composers, Scientists and Programmers, Orb was born from the will to provide an Artificial Intelligence for music composers.

Whether you’re songwriter, band, score composer, arranger, orchestrator, or simply music lover, Orb Composer offers a smart way to compose.

Creativity without limit.

Orb  Composer is meant to be a factory of musical ideas which composers can mine forever for inspiration.

Trying new exotic musical ideas, chords, chord progressions, instrument combinations has never been so easy.

Orb enables composers to be more creative by reducing the time required to experiment new ideas.

Your creativity will no longer have any limit.

Orb Composer offers a huge potential to drive a new generation of musical experiences.

Orb Composer.

Art first.

Orb Composer assists you get from musical ideas a complete composition. You can modify this as much as you want, to have the most perfect music composition you were thinking of.

It is always positive to focus on the music structure at a high level before diving straight into the notes.

Orb Composer is meant to assist you in this process and will update in real time, at a low level, the decision you make at a high level.

Hexachords embedded Artificial Intelligence has been built up from a deep knowledge and analysis of music and a deep understanding of composition process.

Artificial intelligence.

Hexachords purpose is to promote music composition, taking benefit of Artificial Intelligence power while putting artistic sensitivity at the center.

Orb Composer provides a new way of composing music, mixing creative capacity of composers with the abilities of Artificial Intelligence, lightening significantly the music composition process.

We believe Artificial Intelligence provided to music composers is the next great way to promote music composition.

Even if Artificial Intelligence is nowadays able to compose music all alone, we think composers using this AI will always do it better.


The composition is yours.

Every composition you create is totally yours, as this composition is the reflection of your musical intentions and ideas, and of your personality as an artist.

Plus, as Orb Composer allows to export composition in MIDI format, you are totally free to modify it at a low level, in full freedom.

Share and promote your music tracks composed with Orb Composer exactly the same way you use to do for your previous tracks.

Music for pictures often must be produced to a deadline, we provide a way to speed up the composition process.

By music lovers, for music lovers.

Hexachords’ staff is composed of professional composers which are passionate about the creative possibilities that can be apprehended with new technologies.

The love of music is the main reason why Orb Composer was imagined and designed.

Our purpose is to use technology and its potentiality to promote music composition, specially its artistic aspect.

We have designed an intuitive user interface corresponding to composers habits. Our commitment is to provide a software which integrates well in your work environment.