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Film soundtracks composition,
corporate music and many other
music styles and moods.


Algorithmic music and
mathematics to develop ORB™
artificial intelligence core engine.


The link between R&D
mathematics and the music
composition harmony knowledge


We are dreamers. Our teams
work with a lot of passion
for music and innovation.

Our story

Hexachords® was created in Toulouse (France) in 2015 after many years of musical development. A hexachord is a six-note series, as exhibited in a scale or tone row.

Among all the similar music notation words (such as Tetrachord, Pentachord, etc.), the word “Hexachord” was chosen as it is also related to the shape of France, a hexagon.

  • Inspiration  
  • Perspiration

“Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety nine percent perspiration.”

Thomas Edison