HEXACHORDS develops an Artificial Intelligence

designed for Music Composers.


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Customize the music without limits.


Each music you create is unique.

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Hexachords makes music creation fun and accessible.

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.” ― Frank Zappa

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Input your artistic wishes.
Let Orb AI technology pre-compose music.
Edit the pre-composition and make it your own.


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Technology Core Features

music style


A lot of music styles are available. Orchestral, Jazz, Electronic styles are some among the high number of choices.

music mood


Choose the mood you desire to achieve the best feeling effect. Uplifting, Melancholic, Motivational, Dramatic, and more are available.

music duration


Want a music of 4:33 with an intro of 1:23 ? ORB™ takes all your duration constraints and creates the music accordingly.

music transitions


Changing moods, evolving music styles can be tricky but ORB™ state of the art engine can deal with it easily.

music and audio effects


More powerful then standard audio DSP effects, ORB™ uses real time music effects by changing the notes.

thousands of stones


ORB™ can create more music than the number of atoms in the universe. Don’t hear the music twice.

Bring creativity to music

Musicians, composers, and mathematicians have worked together to develop the most incredible composition technology ever created …

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